Taotut kahleet

Sain tilauksen kahleista kirjan kansikuvaa varten. Asiakas kävi juuri hakemassa tavaran ja oli tyytyväinen lopputulokseen. Kirjoitan aiheesta myöhemmin lisää kun olen vähän pirteämpi.

Offroad Wombat

Nina and Tarja arranged me an absolutely great birthday present yesterday! We went to an offroad safari at Country Safari in Lammi (30km from Hämeenlinna) with me as the driver. With an instructor ofcourse. :)

It was hell of a lot of fun let me tell you! :D    It’s hard to imagine how easily the Range Rover handles terrain if you have not experienced it first hand.

The weather was really nice! We got hail storm and thunder. :D

That’s level road up ahead. Couple first times it was quite intimidating to see the ground come up on the wind shield, but the vehicle handled the descents really smoothly and I begun to trust it soon. Some of the descents were really steep and rocky and Nina had real trouble getting pictures and staying on the seat at the same time, so no pics of rocky descents sorry.





Here’s a video of about the fifth attempt on a steep and very muddy slope. I think I succeeded because on the previous attempts I dug about the whole hill off, and covered the vehicle in mud so the remains didn’t notice me anymore.

Offroad Wombat Video


The instructor was of the opinion that I drove well. I’m not sure if he was trying to be polite, but I had real fun and in my own opinion did not drive too badly either. :)


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OMG-1 Competition

Spectrasonics is holding a music competition!

The competition is for the benefit of Bob Moog foundation and the submissions have to feature the new Bob Moog Tribute library for Omnisphere. The library has sounds contributed by many of the great synthesizer artists and composers of our time including Hans Zimmer, JM Jarre, Jordan Rudess, and many others.  So even without the competition I would be very excited about this library. And 100% of the profit will go to Bob Moog foundation!

So I decided to participate, the library just finished downloading and I’m in the process firing it up. Excited!

Spectrasonics OMG-1

The grand prize for the contest is Eric Persings OMG-1 synth consisting of Moog Little Phatty, Mac Mini w/ Omnisphere, dual iPads, dual iPods and Akai LPK25.




But of course the real grand prize will be the fame and recognition. Plus you get to meet some of the great names in the industry, and perhaps even some of the great composers of our time! :O

Bob Moog Tribute Library
OMG-1 Contest
Contest FAQ

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Steel Space

Finger the thing!

(meaning, click the play button)

My newest piece came out quite a science-fiction movie or series soundtrack like. I think I succeeded to make the wah-wah sound nice, it is actually on an electric piano. The choir is good, but the bass singers are not recorded quite as low as I would have liked so I had to make compromises on the chord progression at the bridge. This is also my first song where I have played the drums myself with my new V-Drums, the sound is routed through Rammfire. :D  There is also a Stylus RMX complement to back me up.

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Hello world!

Jaha, no ei ollu vaikee pystyttää.

Retroactive posting test

Retroactive posting test